Rhino Conservation Fund

This fund has been established by the South African Veterinary Foundation (A section 21 company not for gain (fund raising number 022002390002) and is dependant on public donations to assist in rhinoceros conservation and disease control. The fund is administered by the Directors of the Foundation who are all veterinarians. Click here for donation to the fund or to buy a rhino statue


Justification and Goals of the Fund
The purpose of the fund is to:

  • Assist with anti-poaching operations
  • Aid with forensic tests
  • Establish databases
  • Distribute information
  • Aid in the conservation of the rhinoceros
  • Support rhino and associated species research

Assist with research on diseases that threatens the rhinoceros

Create a reward system for the successful arrests of poachers. Assist with anti-poaching operations To raise funds to assist Government Departments to combat the illegal killing of the rhinoceros. Conservation Departments are generally cash strapped and law enforcers have 2 000 km to travel per month with official vehicles. Poachers are using various means to obtain rhinoceros horn for the illegal selling to Eastern markets as traditional medicine. During 2012 a total of 750 rhinoceros were poached. In some cases methods such as game capture drugs and helicopters were used to obtain the horn.

Rhino poaching stats

Forensic tests
Assist law enforcement officers to make successful arrests using DNA technology. The South African Veterinary Foundation has facilitated a R100 000 donation from SA Breweries to assist in financing forensic tests using this technology to link the horn of a specific rhinoceros to the blood samples of that animal on a database at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria.

DNA Rhino horn

Establish databases
The implementation of the online drug register (www.drugregister.co.za) for veterinarians in conjunction with the Department of Health is aimed at streamlining the control of immobilizing drugs for wildlife.

Distribution of information
The South African Veterinary Foundation has been involved in the production of two manuals:

Conservation of rhinoceros
Support research on the biology of the rhinoceros in general.

Research on diseases that are a threat to the rhinoceros
Diseases like tuberculosis need urgent research. Such research would also be applicable to other species as well.

Reward system for the successful arrests of poachers
A reward of up to R25 000 for information that will lead to the successful arrest and conviction of rhinoceros poachers.

Preventative Dehorning

Preventitive dehorning   

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