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South African Veterinary Foundation Application for Financial Assistance of a Research Project

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  1. If you wish to apply for funds from the SAVF to do a research project, please provide the following information in the form of a typed covering letter attached to your research protocol.
    •  Name and identity number of applicant (or passport number in the case of foreign nationals)
    •  Work address
    • Residential address
    • Postal address
    • Office Telephone number, Home Telephone number, Mobile Phone number and e-mail address
    •  Name, address, telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address of next of kin not living with the applicant
    • Name, address, telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address of friend or colleague who is not supervisor
    • Academic qualifications (degrees, speciality, university, year obtained)
    • Professional experience to date
    • Awards received/bursaries held previously
    • List of publications to your credit
    • Financial assistance applied for elsewhere
    • Are you registered as a post-graduate student?
      • If yes, give the degree, speciality, university, and year of study
      • Details of supervisor (Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address)
  2. It is in your own interest to give the required information and, where necessary, additional motivation may be included with your covering letter.
  3. If your application is successful, your research project will be funded by the SAVF with the following main stipulations:
    • You and your supervisor will be required to sign the Funding Agreement as provided by the South African Veterinary Foundation as recipient and co-principal debtors. This contract is available as a download for your perusal prior to making a funding application.
    • Money will only be given once the Research and Ethics Committee(s) of the institution you are studying at, or employed by, has provided written approval of the project.
    • You will have to submit written Progress Reports on your research project to the SAVF at least every 6 months. A SAVF board member will be appointed to liaise with you in this regard.
    • You will have to present the findings of your research project to at least one Congress of the SA Veterinary Association or similar SA organisation and acknowledge the SAVF as funding provider.
    • You must submit a scientific article based on the primary objectives and findings of the research project to a peer-reviewed journal on the ISI list of journals for consideration of publication. You are encouraged to submit the scientific article for publication to the Journal of the South African Veterinary Association or similar South African journal. You must acknowledge the South African Veterinary Foundation as a provider of financial assistance at the end of the scientific article.
    •  The deadline for submission of the article is within 3 years of initiation of the research project, or within 6 months of graduation, whichever occurs first.
    • You must submit an electronic version including a Summary of key aspects of the research project to the SAVF on completion of the project. These images may be published on the SAVF website with your waiving all rights to these images.
    • If the funding criteria are not met e.g. the findings of your research are not published in a scientific article, or if for whatever reason, the research project is terminated, you will be personally responsible to pay back the funding money to the SAVF (at prime interest rate + 2% per annum, interest calculated daily and capitalized monthly) within a period of no longer than 24 months.
  4. Submit a signed copy of your letter of application and protocol and written approvals for the project by Research and Ethics Committee(s) to
  5. Your application will serve at a the next board meeting of the South African Veterinary Foundation and you will be notified after this meeting if your application has been successful. The SAVF shall have no obligation to explain why an application has been declined or accepted.

Download the Application Form

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