Veterinary Foundation contributes to upgrading of computers at VetHouse

The South African Veterinary Foundation has contributed towards the upgrading of the computers at VetHouse, the official residence of the South African veterinary Association, including the purchase of a new laptop for the Managing Director, Prof. Banie Penzhorn.

“The reason for the sponsorship was to assist in the improvement of efficiency at VetHouse” says Dr Joubert Viljoen, Chairman of the Foundation. Providing a new server for SAVA and upgrading some of the other computers in the network, helped in improving the process.”

 “The new laptop for the MD of SAVA, who also sits on the board of the Foundation, also aids the efficiency within SAVA, which has a bearing on activities of Groups and Branches of SAVA as well as the Veterinary Foundation.”

The South African Veterinary Foundation has a two tier focus:

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