South African Veterinary Foundation Bursary Fund

Bursary Applications

Bursary applications for 2020 are now open.

The South African Veterinary Foundation has 2 bursaries available valued at R10 000 each in conjunction with Lakato Veterinary Wholesalers.

Bursaries are awarded with “no strings attached”.   BVSc IV and BVSc V students in need of financial assistance are eligible to apply.

Requirements are academic merit (above 60% average examination marks) and an active role in student activities,   which may include sport,   cultural activities,   or any other aspect of student life.

Application is online

It involves:

  • Completing 10 multiple choice questions on the SAVF
  • Supplying your name, student number, your current year of study (e.g. 4 or 5),   telephone numbers,   e-mail address,   your current student debt (upload a PDF document to prove this),   uploading a PDF copy of your academic record for last year and a brief CV onto the electronic web application form

For further information, please contact Dr. Remo Lobetti at (011) 706 6023 or rlobetti@mweb.co.za

PLEASE NOTE:   Applications close on Tuesday 31 March 2020.

Before you start

Please read through the form and note that some documents are required from you.   It would be best to have these documents prepared and ready to upload before starting your submission.

Thank you!

  • Section 1 - Personal Information

  • Please supply details of your current student debt

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  • Please provide details of your academic record for last year

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  • We need a copy of your CV please

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  • Section 2 - Quiz

  • Please answer all questions

    Question 1:   The current chairperson of the South African Veterinary Foundation is:

  • Question 2:   Which fund of the South African Veterinary Foundation, funds the Student Bursary?

  • Question 3:   Which of the following statements regarding the Foundation logo is INCORRECT?

  • Question 4:   Which of the following is NOT a goal or purpose or the Rhino Conservation Fund?

  • Question 5:   Which book does the Foundation sponsor to final year veterinary students?

  • Question 6:   Which of the following companies have NOT been associated with the Foundation?

  • Question 7:   Which of the following, regarding funding of research projects, is INCORRECT?

  • Question 8:   On the Home page of the website, which of the following wild animal is NOT present?

  • Question 9:   In which journal was the paper 'Cardiovascular effects of etorphine, azaperone, and butorphanol combinations in chemically immobilized captive white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)' published?

  • Question 10:   Which of the following projects supported by the Foundation has NOT YET been published?

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Background on our Bursaries

The South African Veterinary Foundation has been supporting a 4th and 5th year veterinary student financially since 1999 when K Eason and GL van Blerk each received R5000.  To date 34 veterinary students have received bursaries to a total value of R215 500 and the current bursary value is R10 000.  The bursaries have been funded from the Pet Memorial Fund as well as from 2002 by a generous donation each year from veterinary wholesaler Lakato (Pty) Ltd represented by the managing director, Mr Stuart Fyffe.  In 2017 The Professional Provident Society gave bursaries and in 2018 Mercantile Bank sponsored two bursaries.  Our sincere thanks are extended to Lakato, the PPS and Mercantile Bank for their assistance in educating veterinary students.

Whilst the bursaries only cover a small amount of the annual expense of studying veterinary science they do make a difference.  The bursaries are allocated to students who actively partake in campus student activities and with good academic achievements and are presented with no repayment obligation.  We only hope that past recipients who are currently in practice will support the Pet Memorial Fund so we can help more students.

With increasing costs of studying veterinary science and greater numbers of financially challenged students there is a constant request for student bursaries and the Foundation has thus established a bursary fund.  The Foundation can then make ad hoc bursaries available if special requests are received from vets or related organisations, as well as make more regular bursaries available for veterinary and nursing students.

The Foundation thus challenges members of the public, individual veterinarians or multiperson practices to make a once-off, or regular donation to the SAVF bursary fund, or to consider the bursary fund in their will.  Additionally SAVA branches and Groups can also donate some of their accumulated funds or profits from mini-congresses to the bursary fund. Vets in industry and their companies can also consider making donations to the fund as part of their corporate social responsibilities.  Any donations will be acknowledged on the website if required.  These donations are tax deductible and donors will receive an 18A tax receipt.  Qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses have been privileged to receive a good veterinary education in South Africa – let us consider those that have limited financial means to achieve their dreams to become a veterinarian or veterinary nurse.